My name is Vivienne. I’m a storyteller and stuffmaker.

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The Lost Years

I am pleased to announce that The Lost Years is an official selection of the CFC Worldwide Shorts Film FestivalToronto 16th Reel Asian International Film Festival, Heritage FIlm Festival and Citrus Cel Animation Film Festival

A trip to The Georgia Aquarium inspired me to create The Lost Years; an animated short film about a sea turtle called Nilla. I learned that the way a sea turtle swims is very similar to how a seabird flies. With this fact in mind, I started crafting my story.

Like most stopmotion puppets, Nilla has an armature inside of her. I used the technique of felting to create the outermost layer. I had not seen too many animators use this technique to create their puppets so I thought I would give it a try.

I found that felting is great for hiding seams and has a wonderful ability to be sculpted into one’s desired form. Because it is fibre, it gives the piece a certain aesthetic. I think there’s a lot of potential with this technique and I hope to explore it further on future projects. 

Happy to share the results with you: