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Mat Fraser has an awesome attitude and, based on this interview, an interesting personality. 

How wax food models are created! Wish I got to see this in Japan. Here’s another cool article and video.

Projection mapping done right; used in Irma's music video for single Save Me. Not to mention the whole video was shot in one single take. Magical.

Aperçu Is about a scientist who has invented a contraption that sees into the future. This animation was created by Emma for an animation workshop at La Poudrière (animation filmmaking school).

If this product exists, would you want to own one?

This is an awesome behind the scene video of OK Go’s latest MV The Writing’s On the Wall. Kudos to the wonderful collaboration! 

In art school we got our assignments, often we worked on it alone. Somehow getting help feels like I’m cheating but truth is most successful projects out there are created by a team of talented individuals, not just one person. Remember that.

Came across South by Scooter while learning how to put a lomo fisheye lens onto a DSLR by Max Piantoni. Love it when artists/filmmakers experiment and play. About the Max Piantoni and behind the scene.

A Practice is a short doc about artist, Aurora Robson, who makes beautiful sculptures using plastic that’s considered garbage/waste by others.

Guinea Pig interview done by Pets Add Life reminds me of the BBC’s Funny Talking Animals - Walk On The Wild Side series. It will put a smile on your face.

Philip Seymour Hoffman on Happiness is a wonderful piece created by Blank on Blank (famous names, lost interviews). The short animation uses a previously recorded interview conducted as part of the Happy talk series at the Rubin Museum of Art. An interesting insight into an acting legend’s mind.

Shots recorded on an iPhone 5S and edited on an iPad air; that’s how this Bentley ad was made. With some tech help (details at nofilmschool) and a bit of money you can make your film. No more excuses!

Behind the scene footage at the end of the commercial.