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Go on a journey with An & Ria as they prepare to fly on a plane for the first time in their lives. This puts a smile on my face.

Very cool Sound of Taste interactive poster created by Print Tech, Novalia and Grey London for Schwartz brand (Herb & Spice). When touched, each color of spices makes a sound though the iPhone app. Illustrated by Billie Jean.

Love this music video for Raveyards' single Stunts. Directed by Charles De Meyer. DoP Maximiliaan Dierickx

Adding extra joy to your snackage, this Bollywood inspired Pari Pari Curry commercial is shot in India, directed by Takahiro Akiyama and co-directed/choreographed by Jasmin Oza. It features 8 years old Akshat Singh who participated in India’s Got Talent. 

More and more music videos are produced as interactive media. Bombay Bicycle Club's Carry Me has an interactive version directed by Andrew Robinson and produced by Powster. Their behind the scene website includes a making of video and information about the creative individuals involved. A bit more here.

A piece of Hong Kong, this short film provides an insightful glimpse into the world of neon sign production.

A simple concept that is well executed. Loving the music video, All Apologies, directed by Adam Berg for the Swedish UK producer/vocalist duo, Happiness. More about the video. 

I loved watching music videos growing up. In fact I aspired to be a music video director at one point. The medium is forgiving and has ample room for experimentation which allows directors to develop their voice/style. I’m currently working on a music video for Ted Kennedy. Will keep you posted.

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Check out this delightful piece by animator & director Miguel Jiron

Too awesome not to share. 1 day of prep, 6 set ups in 1 continuous shot. Going with take16 out of 27. The behind the scene video for ICON, an ad made for UK paper The Sunday Times’ culture section. Directed by US (Chris Barrett & Luke Taylor) DP: Ben Fordesman

Director’s cut of Coca-cola’s “Happiness is Movement” reminded me how much I enjoy Johnny Kelly’s work. His style, attention to details and the care he and his team puts into the storytelling puts a smile on my face. If you haven’t already seen "Back to the Start" commissioned by Chipole Mexican Grill, check it out. There’s also a behind the scene video!